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Saadicorn and Crow Pony should of known Shawzy Pony is not be trusted. 

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he doesnt care about the money he just loves to play hockey

Happy birthday Andrew Shaw

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twin lakes, wisconsin USA

On Wednesday night I will be leaving for twin lakes for country thunder. I am beyond excited! It’s my first year going and I’ve been looking forward to this since August of last year!

However, I’m packing my bag today, and some more tomorrow. The only problem I’m running into is what I should bring.

I obviously have outfits, pjs, shoes, money and extra clothes.

We’ll be staying at a hotel near by. So it’s not like we’re at a campsite.
If any of you have gone to country thunder in precious years and wouldn’t mind giving me ideas of what to bring and what to leave at home. That’d be awesome!


mod comment: personally i think these girls are just as annoying as the ones who try to separate themselves from the pack saying they’re not like that. seems like sometimes people get too caught up in what it should take to be a fan rather than just enjoying the game.


Daily routine for this fat cat




what grace

and in that moment, i swear everyone forgot how to hockey

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oh no im not crying… :’(

My heart just broke into so many pieces 😭

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Whoever said “There’s no such thing as a stupid question” clearly never worked with the general public.

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